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Precision Test Systems (Precision Test) was founded in 1983 and celebrates over 33 years of service to its customers. We are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic test and measurement equipment. Precision Test's head office is in Essex, England with subsidiaries located in USA, Australia and South Africa . Precision Test is also represented by several overseas agents.


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Featured Products

GPS10eR GNSS Disciplined, Rubidium Frequency Standard. Brand New

The GPS10eR is a ultra low phase noise, rubidium frequency standard with dual GNSS receivers that can receive, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite navigation signals.

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Low G Sensitive Oscillators for Avionics and Military Use

A new range of Low G Sensitive Oscillators are now available. G sensitivities of 5x10E-11/g is achievable at 10 MHz and 1x10E-10/g at 1 to 120 MHz. This is on all three axes.

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GPS-GLONASS Antenna Amplifiers & Splitters

Precision Test manufactures a range of antenna amplifiers and splitters for the GPS and GLONASS frequencies.

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Signal / Function Generators inc GPS Frequency Reference

Precision Test Systems manufacturers various signal generators. We can also supply other manufacturers or used signal generators. Our main signal generators are listed below.

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