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Low G Sensitive Oscillators


Precision Test Systems is increasingly becoming a world leader in ultra-low phase noise (ULN) crystal and rubidium oscillators.  We manufacture the CFS10B crystal frequency standard and the RFS10E and RFS10F rubidium frequency standards.  All these models can also be locked to the global satellite service operated by the USA (GPS), Russian (GLOSNASS) and Europe (Galileo).  We also have a complete range of distribution amplifiers to compliment these frequency standards.

Low G Sensitive Oscillators and Oscillator Modules

The need for ULN crystal oscillators was initiated from our customers, asking for ULN options to our range of frequency standards and distribution amplifiers.

A new request has been Low G sensitive oscillators.  We have been working on low G sensitive oscillator for a while now and this web page shows you our capabilities.

We are able to offer low G sensitive oscillators in the frequency range 1 MHz to 120 MHz.  We can achieve a G sensitivity of 5 x 10-11 / g in ALL axes for a 10 MHz oscillator and 1 x10-10  /g for other oscillators in the range 1 MHz to 120 MHz.

We achieve this without resorting to complicated electronic correction circuitry.  Rather, we rely on special vibration absorbing material to hold the crystal oscillator as well as special crystals used in the oscillator itself.

Below is a typical phase noise plot of one of our 10 MHz oscillators.  Click to enlarge.

The  graph above shows the phase noise under static conditions (light blue) and the phase noise under vibration (dark blue).

The red line was taken from a simulation program that has been developed.  As can be seen, the simulation agreed very closely to the actual results.

The graph below is a typical vibration profile used in the avionics industry.  We measure the phase noise under all three axes during production.  Click to enlarge

Low G oscillators are crucial in defense applications or for use on planes, trains, boats, in fact anywhere where the oscillator may be subjected to vibration.

Contact Precision Test Systems for further details on our range of Low G sensitive oscillators and frequency standards.